Why a Good Domain Name is Critical For Local Businesses

Social networking, blogging, and online advertising are all legitimate ways of branding a business on the internet. These methods have a host of benefits, but most importantly, they are cheap, easy, and effective when it comes to getting the word out on the web. Your business needs to compete on the internet to survive in the modern economy.

Owning Your Own Domain is Critical For a Business

However, third-party social networks and free blog software is not enough. Legitimate businesses must present a unified image throughout all forms of marketing. Any business, no matter how small, can integrate different marketing channels on the internet to attract new business. When it comes to the virtual world, there is no better way to brand your business than by having a professional company website with prominent links from your business cards, social networks, blogs, and advertisements.

Whether you hire a part-time employee to handle website development and maintenance or you rely on the services of a professional web development company, your business website represents the most important online asset for your entire company.

The Importance of a Domain Name

Since your business website should be the focal point of both online and offline marketing efforts, a good domain name is the first step of any integrated marketing push. Your domain name, also known as a URL, is the web address used by everyone who visits a particular website. The domain name will appear on all marketing collateral including business cards, flyers, Facebook pages, and business directories.

The perfect domain name is critically important for every large business, but even the smallest companies benefit from a great domain. Unfortunately since great domain names are rare, they often cost far more than a mediocre domain name. Many firms cut corners and settle on a domain name that does not adequately represent the brand image of their company. While saving money upfront on a domain name may seem like a good way to cut costs, it can cripple business growth and destroy long-term marketing efforts.

Important Factors in Choosing a Domain Name

The best domain name for your business is usually the name of your business followed by a .com extension. In the case of Argon Marketing, is the ideal domain name for the main company home page.

The growth of the internet has created more complexity in choosing a domain name. Instead of just a .com extension, now business owners have to content with dozens (and soon to be hundreds) of different extensions. Familiar .com, .net, and .org extensions are now joined by extensions for generic use (.info), specific industries (.aero), or countries (.cz for Czech Republic).

When the dot com version of your company’s name is not available, it may be time to consider professional support. Registering the first available domain name you can find might be easy, but it destroys the branding of your business as customers struggle to associate your website with your offline business. At first, spending $12 on an available domain name may seem smarter than paying $600 to purchase the perfect domain. But when you consider the number of customers who view you website, it is a severe business miscalculation. Having a good website is a waste of resources if your potential customers cannot find you online because of your obscure, irrelevant domain name.

How Online Marketing Companies Can Help

Fortunately, professional online marketing companies have made it easier for businesses to identify the ideal domain name. A portion of standard website development services involves finding and acquiring the perfect domain name for a business client. Marketing companies with experience building and branding websites have techniques and relationships which make it surprisingly affordable to secure a fantastic domain name.

At Argon Marketing, we have commercial accounts at all the major domain registries as well as at every firm that participates in the domain drop industry. Our connections and experience give us an advantage when trying to secure the perfect domain for our clients. We include the best-available domain name as a free component of every web development project. But for clients who want a permanent boost to their online presence, a premium domain name can be a wise investment.

When combined with consistent online content and search engine optimization services, your perfect domain name will draw hundreds of visitors to your website and increase your revenue.

How to Get More Information About Domain Names

Unfortunately for businesses with an ugly domain name, potential customers do judge a book by its cover. On the internet, a bad domain name is like a book with a terrible title. Even the best content on the inside of a website is meaningless if web searchers never click on your links because of your ugly domain name.

If your business is struggling with your current website or is looking for help building a new site, it might be prudent to get some help from the professionals. When working with a reputable company like Argon Marketing, a great domain and professional website cost less than a single newspaper or television ad.

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