Study Shows Six-to-Nine Month Time Frame For Local SEO Success

Industry site Search Engine Land reports on a new study released by a large agency. According to the report by SIM Partners, a concerted effort involving local search engine optimization for large, national firms with local locations resulted in high levels of success. However the article emphasizes:

“It’s also important to note that these results were achieved over a six-to-nine month time frame.”

For businesses considering either local search engine optimization or online reputation management, the results from the study are insightful.

If major, national clients with correspondingly large budgets take six-to-nine months to generate results from their SEO and ORM efforts, then it is unlikely that a smaller business (with a smaller budget) will see success in just a few months. Online marketing is a long-term effort that rewards consistent investment. The results of the SIM Partners study show that even the largest companies with the largest marketing budgets have to wait half-a-year before achieving visible results.

Local companies considering either in-house or professional online marketing efforts should plan for gradual success rather than expecting immediate results.

The second critical takeaway from the study is that online marketing can be dramatically effective for local brands. With an adequate budget and longer horizon, even small, local companies can expect to see a large increase in search visibility as well as substantial increases in website visitors and online customer communication.

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