Online Advertising

Online Advertising

Argon Marketing is a Hawaii Online Advertising company offering pay-per-click advertising services to small business and corporate clients.

Pay-per-click advertising (known as PPC) has become the standard method of advertising on the internet. In PPC advertising, the advertiser agrees to pay a website publisher a specific amount of money only when a website user clicks on a sponsored ad. PPC advertising is distinct from offline advertising because in a PPC model the advertiser pays nothing if no website users click on any sponsored ads.

PPC advertising allows online advertisers to target users to a degree not found in the offline advertising world.

Argon Marketing offers PPC advertising services within three categories:

  • Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engine PPC advertising.
  • LinkedIn Human Resources PPC advertising.
  • Facebook general PPC advertising.

Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engine PPC advertising

Modern search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo derive the vast majority of their revenue from the PPC advertising models. Advertisers participate in a complex bidding process known formally as a generalized second-price auction to determine cost and placement for sponsored ads. Every advertiser has the ability to participate in a unique auction for every possible keyword or keyword variant within each of the search engines.

Argon Marketing has technical expertise running search engine PPC campaigns. We can tailor your PPC search engine advertising to match your budget, advertising intent, and integrated marketing plan. For all but the smallest businesses, hiring a professional PPC search engine advertising company like Argon Marketing can actually reduce your overall costs by lowering your cost-per-click and eliminating negative keywords that result in no conversions.

Our team also offers customized integrated PPC advertising solutions across multiple search engines. Using advanced data analytics, Argon Marketing can compare the net value of a customer searching a particular keyword from Google against a customer searching a different keyword from Bing. We then adjust your advertising campaign to capture more valuable users and save you money from poorly-converting clicks.

Integrated marketing clients also receive landing page customization for each PPC advertising campaign. By integrating your website and social media accounts with a PPC advertising model, Argon Marketing can create a specific web page for visitors clicking on a specific ad. Your customers can see detailed information that is specifically tailored to their interest. We also offer A/B/C split testing to larger clients who want deeper insight into customer conversions and landing page optimization.

Higher end PPC advertising packages include detailed competitor PPC analysis across all major online platforms. Focusing on your competition allows the Argon Marketing team to adjust your online advertising in response to other advertisers and allows you to counter competitive threats to your offline business. Many companies telegraph upcoming promotions and business expansion through changes in their PPC strategy. Argon Marketing provides this data will all packages which include data analysis.