How Photography Can Boost Sales For Small Businesses

Every business that builds a website to attract clientele has pondered over the power of multimedia technology. Possibilities are endless: video, sound, graphics, even games can be used as marketing tools for companies on their websites. While each of these has its own appeal, they are not entirely necessary, and none of them will fill the role photography plays in marketing.

Photography lends some obvious, and some not so obvious, benefits to a company’s online marketing efforts. Starting with the obvious, photo production is cheaper, and more accessible to smaller businesses. A DSLR camera is not a necessity. A company Instagram page, for example, can be updated by the hour with little more than a smart phone camera. A local restaurant can post appetizing shots of the lunch special to their Instagram feed, and link to it on their blog, Facebook account, and website.

For companies reaching for a slightly more professional standard, there is always the option of investing in a better camera, and writing it off as a business expense that will have long term benefits. There is also the option of looking to third party marketing firms that can help contribute images to the company website. This option is especially viable for companies who intend to seek professional guidance in developing other web content, such as copywriting. Chances are, whatever marketing firm they pair with is interested in contributing photo content at a reasonable price (and if they are not, you should consider finding a better firm to do business with).

As for not-so-obvious reasons, good photography is the best branding there is. A company logo is not enough. The consumer needs to have content that they will remember. While a video or a catchy slogan can be memorable, neither are as geared toward creating a lasting image as the practice of photography. The medium was made for memory. For this reason, people are more likely to remember a photograph in their mind. If a photograph represents a company well, they will not soon forget the company either. Strong images create a lasting impression for potential clients, and the Internet gives business owners an easy way of disseminating this impression.

While it is prudent for companies to always keep an eye on the future or marketing tactics, such as the use of the Internet, it is also important that they also keep one hand on the past methods, such as photography. After all, a good picture is worth a thousand words. But a great picture can be worth a thousand dollars. A professional media production company like Argon Marketing can help your small business generate more sales. Contact us for more information or to get started.