How Facebook Helps Small Businesses

Social Media allows web users to spread web content exponentially. Every post is visible to a user’s “friends,” through their respective news feeds. A post that is shared by someone else, then becomes visible to a whole new network of people. This concept is precisely what led to meme culture, or viral sharing, through social networking.

The benefits of Facebook, in particular, are implicit in its uncanny ability to ‘spread the word.’ Shared content can, and often does, include links and resources that lead to businesses and services a user might recommend, and whose friends might be looking for. A business with a weak presence on Facebook is a business left behind. Social media reaps rewards, but only for those who use it regularly.

Facebook allows businesses to command their industry by placing themselves directly in the center of an online social circle. From inside this circle, they can share web content as frequently as they want. This includes photos, videos, company press, product updates, community outreach stories, and many other forms of media that help brand the business online. A company can yield tangible benefits from this kind of boundless internet outreach, money included.

Facebook also allows businesses to have a discussion with clients. Customers can comment on posted material, and provide feedback for certain ideas that can be of help to businesses. It is a healthy online transparency that engages clients, and really invites them into the company. This can elicit feelings of trust, and even exclusivity among clients that will cement long-term business relationships, or as they say in the food and drink industries, create “regulars.”

While in theory, Facebook can work wonders for small businesses, in practice, the account holder must be very mindful of how he or she uses it. With great power comes great responsibility, and an effective Facebook page requires consistent maintenance, constant vigilance, and refined social etiquette. Everything that gets posted is subject to scrutiny. More importantly, the company page is always subject to scrutiny since Facebookers can post to it whenever they want. Some of these posts will warrant responses, others may even warrant immediate censorship. For this reason, it is not a bad idea for small companies to find someone who can manage their social media for them, for example, a third-party marketing firm. Facebook runs full time, so Facebook upkeep is also full time.

While Facebook can be hard work, it’s also smart work. Every minute, or every dollar, that a company puts in will yield enormous returns over time. When well-managed, people won’t just like the company page, they’ll the like the company, and needless to say, people will do business with a company they like. To get started with a professional social media marketing campaign, read more about Argon Marketing’s social media services or contact us today.