Hawaii Online Reputation Management

Residents of Hawaii aren’t strangers to the importance of local business. Kama`aina customers understand that locally-owed businesses are the heart and soul of our community. Local businesses put property ownership in the hands of people who care about the land they call home, unlike major, national corporations that devour entire communities for the sake of profit.

Unfortunately for Hawaii businesses, the enormous advertising budgets of national chains can overwhelm community support for a local firm.

Hawaii Online Reputation Management

One way Hawaii businesses can fight back against large national chains is to engage in online reputation management. Online reputation management, often shortened to ORM, involves highlighting positive mentions of a business while working to negate the impact of negative mentions. The global ORM industry generally serves the largest businesses, but local companies now have a local option.

Argon Marketing now offers a Hawaii Online Reputation Management service catering to local businesses. As a locally-owned company with local staff and local values, we understand the unique Hawaii market and the needs of local businesses. When combining our online marketing expertise with our kama`aina knowledge, the team at Argon Marketing can enable your business to succeed against even the largest national competitors.

Whether your company is the biggest provider in Honolulu or a small firm on the Neighbor Islands, your enterprise is still much smaller than global businesses. Fighting against competitors with larger marketing budgets requires a sophisticated approach.

How Online Reputation Management Helps Hawaii Businesses

Successful online reputation management in Hawaii involves many steps. The two most critical components are encouraging your happy customers to leave visible online reviews and encouraging your unhappy customers to complain in a more private manner. When combined with basic search engine optimization and a professional digital content strategy, local ORM can allow even the smallest business to reach parity with the biggest mainland firm.

Given the built-in bias towards buying local, your business just needs to have a minimum level of visibility online for potential customers to consider your company as opposed to the mainland chain. It’s no secret that blogs, social networks, and review websites are the most common way for prospective customers to choose a business. Without a positive online presence, even customers who prefer to support local companies will have no choice but to shop at the more-visible national chain store.

How Online Reputation Management Works in Hawaii

The Hawaii market is quite different than other similar-sized markets throughout the country. High loyalty, strong community ties, and a sense of Aloha make a market with more than a million people operate like a small town. For a business owner operating in Hawaii, personal connections can often be sufficient to maintain a small business.

However, as a business grows, word-of-mouth is no longer enough. National competitors have large advertising budgets and a visible online presence. Many potential customers, whether they are recent transplants from the mainland or current tourists, have no internal networks to rely upon when choosing a business. The Internet has emerged as the primary means of business comparison among modern consumers.

With Argon Marketing’s ORM service, local companies can enhance their business’s internet reputation for the millions of visitors who travel to Hawaii each year. These businesses include local restaurants and cafes, souvenir shops in Waikiki, and the florists downtown who artfully prepare lei to be draped over visitors’ shoulders at Honolulu International Airport. Well-done ORM nurtures positive internet feedback across multiple channels to improve the likelihood that a business will leave its clientele with a favorable impression. Online reputation management doesn’t just benefit the businesses; it also benefit the millions of annual visitors and million local residents by creating a more authentic island experience.

For a Hawaii business-owner, a basic ORM service is often the difference between potential customers being able to find your business online. Unfortunately for many local owners, interested shoppers cannot find detailed information about a specific company even when searching for the local business by name. Worse yet, for some local businesses, the front pages of search engines include negative mentions and negative reviews.

By working in concert with a business owner, a Hawaii online reputation management service can improve internet visibility, increase positive mentions, and drive revenue. Local business owners provide unique products and high-quality service to Hawaii consumers in large part because these owners are at liberty to buy and sell without corporate constraint. Most importantly, Hawaii residents understand that the people running local businesses are family, friends, and neighbors.

At the end of the day, it’s really the local services that make Hawaii, Hawai’i. Argon Marketing can help your business make more money with our expertise in online reputation management.