Media Production

Argon Marketing offers customized Media Production services as part of our comprehensive digital content strategy. Combining photography, videography, and editing services allows our team to provide high-quality content for all of your online properties. Our goal is to equip our clients with the full range of Internet services and tools to make it easier to reach out to customers, and sell as many products as possible.

Photography For the Internet

Photographs are easier to digested than written content, making them fast and effective marketing tools for every business. Powerful images that leave a lasting impression on the viewer can brand a company faster than even a catchy slogan.

Photos are especially effective when they complement written content. Argon Marketing offers basic photographs through out website copywriting service. But the implementation of a specific photographic content package can set your business apart from the competition. Great pictures leave a permanent impression on your customers. Our team can help.

We provide a full range of photography services from capturing images of your business to editing perfect pictures for your website. Our photos will enhance your online brand and highlight the best aspects of your business. Photographic services from Argon Marketing will help you sell more products and services to your customers.

Online Videography

Videography is also a powerful marketing tool, and like good writing, and strong photography, it belongs on any serious company’s website. Well-shot video footage can take potential clients into a company’s world with the sights and sounds that communicate business values.

We make it our goal to highlight your company’s strengths with our videography services. Video footage of interviews with employees and satisfied customers, or shots of a customer transaction underway, can invite prospective clients into the company, and show that you have nothing to hide. Videography is a powerful way to open your company’s doors to potential clients before they have even arrived.

Video Editing

Argon Marketing edits the videos it shoots for kama’aina businesses into polished clips that help sell products and services. We make sure our footage is organized, that the transitions are smooth, that audio is consistent, and that the final product is marketing effective. A well-edited video will impress prospective clients online by showing them you care about your company’s image.

More importantly, well organized video content can tell a story about your business that draws in web users who are considering doing business. A transparent, polished company image is often the deciding factor for a customer who is on the fence. Our videography and video-editing can help sway them to your side. Our goal is to help your business improve sales, and one of the ways we achieve it is with out media production services.