How to Choose an Online Marketing Company in Hawaiʻi

As large corporations gain firm footholds in Hawaiʻi, small to medium sized kamaʻāina businesses scramble to compete. Now more than ever, successful Hawaiʻi-based business ventures require diligent marketing strategies. For many kamaʻāina companies, expensive in-house marketing campaigns are entirely out of the question. Consequently, business owners are turning to affordable […]

What is Social Media Management

Argon Marketing’s social media management services create compelling and professional online marketing messages that allow local businesses to share news, events, product updates, promotions, and other business-related content with clients on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Pinterest. Social media management is the concept of outsourcing your company’s social media efforts […]

4 Ways Content Increases B2B Sales

Business to business (B2B) transactions require well-thought out, compelling pitches that generate promising leads. Savvy entrepreneurs need convincing that their profits are contingent upon a service to even consider putting money down. If a company catches wind that a service can improve net profits, they will pay for it, and […]

Hawaii Search Engine Optimization

There are a limited number of ways a small company can market itself offline: billboards, business cards, word of mouth, vehicle ads, and flyers are common tactics for small businesses. Larger companies with increased offline marketing budgets can incorporate TV ads, radio, film product placement, and a plethora of specialty […]

Online Reputation Management For Non-Profit Organizations

Online reputation management has become a critical tool for businesses competing in the modern economy. Online reputation affects customer relationships, employee morale, and overall profitability. For any for-profit business, it is easy to calculate the return on investment from Online Reputation Management. For non-profit organizations, the impact of any form […]

Why Online Reputation Management Provides a Great Return on Investment

Business owners have two common reactions when first learning about online marketing services: a basic understanding that online marketing is important and a question as to whether online marketing is worth the investment. For the owner of any company, the money that could be invested in online marketing services could […]

Study Shows Six-to-Nine Month Time Frame For Local SEO Success

Industry site Search Engine Land reports on a new study released by a large agency. According to the report by SIM Partners, a concerted effort involving local search engine optimization for large, national firms with local locations resulted in high levels of success. However the article emphasizes: “It’s also important […]

Hawaii Online Reputation Management

Residents of Hawaii aren’t strangers to the importance of local business. Kama`aina customers understand that locally-owed businesses are the heart and soul of our community. Local businesses put property ownership in the hands of people who care about the land they call home, unlike major, national corporations that devour entire […]

How Photography Can Boost Sales For Small Businesses

Every business that builds a website to attract clientele has pondered over the power of multimedia technology. Possibilities are endless: video, sound, graphics, even games can be used as marketing tools for companies on their websites. While each of these has its own appeal, they are not entirely necessary, and […]

How Facebook Helps Small Businesses

Social Media allows web users to spread web content exponentially. Every post is visible to a user’s “friends,” through their respective news feeds. A post that is shared by someone else, then becomes visible to a whole new network of people. This concept is precisely what led to meme culture, […]