Argon Marketing provides professional content for all your online properties. Customized digital content sets your company apart from the competition.



Argon Marketing provides customer web development for
business and non-profit clients. Our team of programmers
and designers have decades of combined experience in
building websites, landing pages, and mobile applications.


Professional SEO companies like Argon Marketing can
get you more customers by increasing the visibility of
your website.

Argon Marketing is a Hawaii-based integrated marketing company offering a comprehensive suite of online solutions. Our services include: website design, online reputation management, search engine optimization, online advertising, and content development.

We can help both small businesses and large corporate clients throughout Hawaii and the continental United States. Our team of specialists can help your company make more money.

Online Advertising

Our team can save you money on online advertising with our knowledge and experience. Let us help setup your pay-per-click campaign before the competition drains your budget….

Email Marketing

A professional email marketing strategy increases customer loyalty and drives repeat traffic to your business. Learn more about Argon Marketing’s Email Marketing service.

Social Media

Successful businesses have a strong social media presence. The experts at Argon Marketing can setup and grow your social media network. Learn more about Argon Marketing’s Social Media Management services.

An online presence is no longer optional in the modern marketplace. How often do you use the yellow pages?

Successful businesses rely on online marketing firms like Argon Marketing to generate new business from the internet. Whether through social media, online forums, or a traditional website, profitable businesses keep a professional internet presence to attract customers and increase profits.

Like other marketing expenses, the cost of online marketing should be compared to the revenue generated from new business. When compared to other forms of traditional marketing, online marketing has a higher return on investment and a shorter payback period.

For local businesses, a vibrant internet presence is even more important. Large national chains can rely on brand recognition and costly media buys to drive traffic. Even the biggest local business cannot compete with the enormous media budget of national conglomerates. But marketing on the internet is different.

You can spend your marketing budget competing with huge firms for a tiny slice of television or radio time. Or you can spend a fraction of the amount on a comprehensive online strategy that can generate new customers. Whether through niche content acquisition, comprehensive keyword analysis, or a large social media following, Argon Marketing can help your business succeed on the web.